If all we had done was just change what they look like, you'd think we were just re-packaging our successful V-Series amps in order to sell them to you again. But we knew that wouldn't be enough, and besides, our engineers came up with some really useful updates. Such as...

Switching Power Supply - The power supply serves a couple of functions on an amplifier. One, it powers the amp. D'oh! Two, the power section interacts with the power amplifier and the speaker to help characterize the amp's sound. Not so d'oh! Problem is, power supplies are usually heavier than a box of bricks. The one we put in our new V-Series combos and heads, though, is not. It's a lightweight switching power supply. So what's it switch into? Ha, you're funny. It switches voltages, so you can use the same amp nearly all over the globe without a change of anything except your underwear and the actual power cord.

Lighter Than Ever - That switching power supply is lightweight, sure, and is one of the contributing factors to the overall lightness of our new V-Series combos and heads. We've also used light, void-free plywood in our new cabinet design, which uses less wood to begin with. With all that, errrr, lesser amount of wood, the cabinet practically defies gravity.

Redesigned Inside & Out - Obviously the most obvious, these new V Series combos, heads and cabs all sport a unique look. A little retro, a little modern, all cool. From the rounded metal corners to the changeable "skins" (click here for info on shedding your old skin) and more, our V5, V18-112, V18-212, V33-212, V50-112, V33H and V212B all rock a look that says, "I'm here, I'm new, get used to it."