Low wattage through minimal EQ and a small speaker can equal awesome tone when dimed. That’s why the small tube amp is a long time secret weapon of toneful guitarists and wily producers to getting big, cranked-to-the-max tube tones down on tape.

Our new V5 Class A combo features a single EL84 output tube producing 5 watts through a single 10" speaker. You won’t find a tube circuit much simpler than that, and it gives you the sweet, pure cleans and warm, crunchy overdrive that can only come from tubes. Simple volume, gain and tone/shape controls give you the widest range of sounds you can find on a practice/recording amplifier.

More on new V-Series features!

  • 5 watts RMS
  • Single-ended, Class A
  • 1 x 10" speaker
  • 1 x EL84 output tube
  • Volume and tone controls
  •   Owners Manual